Alexandria's Hypnosis Session

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Alexandria is an outgoing and lively model from Germany and wanted to try out hypnosis for the first time for a while. After a gentle induction (fully included!), the fun begins! This is the full list of hypnotic suggestions in this almost 3 hour (!) shoot:

- Alexandria remembers a time she felt really good and it is anchored with a phrase

- Alexandria can't help but look into the camera and is slowly hypnotized by it

- Alexandria is now the hypnotist and hypnotizes the audience with a pocket watch, but actually accidentally hypnotizes herself (!)

- Alexandria forgets that she was hypnotized, but when I ask her how she feels, she responds with "I'm deeply hypnotized"

- Afterwards Alexandria is re-hypnotized with a pocket watch (classic!) while repeating a mantra

- Whenever the word "Freeze" is said, Alexandria freezes completely in time and space

- She is then slowly hypnotized by looking into my eyes

- When I shake Alexandria's hand, she experiences a feeling of great pleasure

- Alexandria experiences touch on opposite extremeties or not at all

- Whenever I say the word "Blank", Alexandria becomes mindless and repeats the phrase "I'm completely hypnotized"

- Alexandria has her first photo shoot as a model ever (she regresses to the age of 14!)

- She is curious about the pocket watch and once again becomes hypnotized with it

- Alexandria suddenly becomes a foot model and shows off her feet

- After all that work, she requests to receive a foot massage

- Alexandria suddenly has a huge crush on the hypnotist and wants to take him on a date

- It's Alexandria's big dream to be hypnotized and she tries everything she can to convince me to hypnotize her

- To finish up, Alexandra is given lots of positive suggestions and really good feelings

After the shoot, we talk a little bit about Alexandria's experience. It was a really fun shoot and we wish Alexandria all the best!

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Alexandria's Hypnosis Session

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