Kamila's Hypnosis Session

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Kamila is a lovely model from Poland and curious to experience hypnosis as she has not had the chance before. After a gentle induction (fully included!), the fun begins! This is the full list of hypnotic suggestions:

- Kamila can't help but look into the camera and is slowly hypnotized by it

- Kamila forgets that she has been hypnotized and also the number six

- Kamila really wants to be hypnotized again

- Some more fun with the pocket watch (classic!)

- Suddenly Kamila's hands are under the control of the hypnotist

- Whenever the word "Freeze" is said, Kamila freezes in time and space

- Kamila meets her favorite celebrity, who then goes on to hypnotize her

- Kamila believes all her clothes have been stolen and she is completely naked

- Kamila has her first photo shoot ever!

- Kamila is convinced that hypnosis is fake, but still follows all of my hypnotic commands (hilarious!)

- Kamila becomes a foot model and shows off her feet

- Kamila suddenly has a huge crush on the hypnotist and wants to take him on a date

After the shoot, Kamila said that she now considers to use hypnosis to help her quit smoking. We wish her good luck with that and say thanks for a really fun shoot!

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Kamila's Hypnosis Session

0 ratings